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Hurricane Isaac May Contribute To Increasing Mosquito, West Nile Virus Problem

Published on August 30, 2012 By ardentadmin

People in the Gulf Coast states are now preparing for Hurricane Isaac as it makes landfall on several states in the area. Strong winds and heavy rains are pounding the affected states, notably Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. Other nearby states may not bear the havoc that the storm may bring but would still experience […]

Recent Rainfall Prompts Extra Caution For West Nile Virus In Texas

Published on August 22, 2012 By ardentadmin

The recent rainfall and the West Nile Virus have the Texans worried this time. The recent increase of West Nile Virus cases in Dallas has prompted other counties in the state to show concern. The state in fact has currently showed that the explosion of new West Nile Virus cases in the state is considered […]