12 Human West Nile Virus Cases Reported In Mississippi

shutterstock_86061532According to the updated report from the Mississippi State Department of Health, there have been 12 total human cases of the West Nile Virus reported in the state of Mississippi for 2013 so far. The highest number of human cases currently reported is in Forrest County with a total of three. The counties of Bolivar, Hinds, Leflore, Lincoln, Lowndes, Madison, Montgomery, Rankin, and Wayne each reported a single human WNV case.

Of that total, two deaths were reported so far. One death was reported in Bolivar County and the other in Montgomery. It is possible that there are other cases of human WNV infections statewide that have gone unreported for now that were not included in the current update.  The human WNV case counts reported are based solely on laboratory-confirmed cases.

Mississippi is considered as one of the states with the most number of human WNV cases reported in 2012. There were a total of 247 human cases reported last year with a total of 5 deaths.

Because of this, the state is encouraging its citizens to take precautions in trying to reduce WNV risk in their area. People are advised to get rid of standing water, which becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. People are also urged to wear protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts and pants while going outdoors in the summer weather. The use of mosquito repellents can also help prevent mosquito bites, especially during peak times from dusk until dawn when mosquitoes come out.

Source: Mississippi State Department of Health

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