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Novel Mosquitoes Killer

January 24, 2008

In the fight to prevent mosquito borne diseases from harming more and more people, scientists have been looking for different ways of battling the scourge that these insects may bring with them. From mosquito repellants, insecticide to bug zappers, scientists are looking for other new ways of trying to control the spread of mosquitoes to limit the spread of diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, dengue and the West Nile virus. A team of researchers from the University of Arizona may have found …

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Protecting Your Kids Against the West Nile Virus

January 16, 2008

The West Nile Virus has been a constant threat in many of the US states today. In absence of a vaccine and effective treatment, prevention seems to be the best solution in fighting off the infection. With the threat still not under control, it seems that people may need to be more vigilant and be more knowledgeable in trying to make their homes free from the West Nile Virus. It is possible to make homes pose a lesser risk to the West Nile Virus. It all comes down to controlling mosquito breeding…

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