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West Nile Virus Preventive Measures

March 26, 2008

As the summer months are fast approaching, the incidence of mosquito borne diseases such as the West Nile virus might again be on the rise. Although the threat of the West Nile virus may have died down a bit after the scare that it brought sometime during 2000 to 2003, people are in no way safe yet from being threatened by the virus. Certain parts of the US have again showed signs of the virus as indicated by some researchers still trying to keep track of the West Nile virus threat. The West Nil…

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Using Bt to Kill Mosquito Larvae

March 13, 2008

There are now several ways available in which people may be able to control mosquitoes in their area and the threat that such pests bring. Mosquitoes have been long known as active carriers and hosts of microorganisms that causes a number of life threatening diseases such as malaria, West Nile fever, dengue and yellow fever to name just a few. One of the effective ways that such diseases can be controlled is by limiting mosquito populations in areas mostly affected by these diseases. Mosquito co…

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