Using Bt to Kill Mosquito Larvae

There are now several ways available in which people may be able to control mosquitoes in their area and the threat that such pests bring. Mosquitoes have been long known as active carriers and hosts of microorganisms that causes a number of life threatening diseases such as malaria, West Nile fever, dengue and yellow fever to name just a few. One of the effective ways that such diseases can be controlled is by limiting mosquito populations in areas mostly affected by these diseases.

Mosquito control has been an active part of trying to control the spread of various mosquito-borne diseases. There are now various ways in which this could be done. One of them is the use of the bacteria known as Bacillus thuringiensis, or Bt. Bacillus thuringiensis is a soil dwelling bacterium that produces toxins that can be fatal to insects such as mosquitoes.

Because of its insecticide properties, Bt has been used to control mosquitoes especially at their larval stage. There are basically two types of Bt products being used as insecticide in the market. They come as those that kill aquatic pests such as mosquito larva and in the form of Bt spray which kills adult pests.

Bt insecticides that kill mosquito larva in the water are available in what is called mosquito bits and mosquito dunks. They are effective methods of killing mosquito larva where they live and breed and, that is, in standing water. Mosquito bits can kill mosquito larva in as fast as 24 hours after being applied to mosquito breeding grounds. It is an environmentally sound mosquito control insecticide that can kill mosquitoes at a stage before they become old enough to bite.

Mosquito bits are simply sprinkled in standing water where the pests are known to breed. These bits contain a larvicide in the form of Bt that settles in the water gradually and is consumed by the larvae and then killed in a matter of 24 hours. Mosquito bits provide a fast acting mosquito control solution for people who want instant results in their fight against the dreaded insect.

For long term mosquito control using Bt, mosquito dunks can be used in order to provide pest control protection that can last for as long as thirty days. Mosquito dunks also kills mosquito larvae in the same way as mosquito bits do but provide longer pest control effects. A mosquito dunk can last for a month and is not toxic to animals such as fish, birds, and other pets.

One mosquito dunk can provide protection for an area as big as 100 square meters. A bigger area will just require additional mosquito dunks to provide effective protection. Controlling mosquitoes in your area by killing its larvae in standing water is an effective means of pest control. Using Bt to kill such pests is a natural means of pest control that can be very effective in decreasing mosquito population in your area.

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