Interesting Things That Drive Away Mosquitoes

shutterstock_148749425It is mosquito season once again and people may be expecting the insects to have a go at biting them. The heat of summer is bringing out the mosquitoes in droves. Insect bites become more common during this time. But the problem is that mosquitoes also become carriers of certain diseases, which can be passed on to humans, one of which is the West Nile virus. Spraying insecticides indoors or use mosquito repellent lotion while working or playing outdoors are some of the usual methods of keeping the mosquitoes at bay. But aside from insecticides and mosquito repellents, there are also other surprising items that can help you drive away or get rid of those pesky mosquitoes. Here are some of them.


There are plants that can repel away mosquitoes. There are others like marigolds that even produce insecticidal compounds that can kill mosquitoes. Other plants produce compounds like lemon grass that repel mosquitoes and keep them at bay. You can plant a variety of these plants and other herbs in your garden to help keep those mosquitoes out. Plants, herbs and flowers also attract natural predators such as dragonflies, toads, and birds that can help decimate mosquito populations in your backyard.

Electric Fan

You may not know it but that electric fan can help repel the mosquitoes in your immediate surroundings according to experts, mosquitoes become less active in areas where wind gusts are more than 10 miles per hour. Putting your electric fan on high and directed at you will have that same effect. Not only that, an electric fan can also help dissipate the carbon dioxide that you exhale which is known to attract the mosquitoes. In the same way, it also reduces body heat, which mosquitoes use to detect human presence.


Bats are the natural predators of mosquitoes. They can help in reducing mosquito populations by including them as part of their diet. You can install bat houses around your home to attract them and help you control those pesky mosquitoes. There are certain species like the little brown bat that can eat from somewhere between 500 to a thousand mosquitoes in a matter of an hour. That is a natural way to help you control the insect population and prevent them from becoming a disturbance.


Another effective way of getting rid of mosquitoes is by targeting their breeding grounds. Whenever there are pools of standing water, you can be sure that they contain mosquito larvae. Other possible breeding grounds include water tanks, swimming pools, birdbaths, decorative ponds and many more. You can use bacteria to get rid of the larvae and prevent them from developing into adult mosquitoes.

Mosquito dunks contain a specific type of bacteria that is lethal to mosquito larvae but is harmless to humans. You can use them whenever there are potential mosquito breeding grounds in your surroundings. But most of all, try to get rid of any standing water you find to reduce the number of mosquito breeding grounds.

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