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Interesting Ways Of Preventing Mosquito Bites

Published on September 6, 2013 By ardentadmin

Mosquitoes are pesky insects that can easily ruin your day outdoors. You may be expecting some fun and exciting activity to do out in the sun. But the bothersome pests can make you think otherwise. There are many ways that you can prevent mosquito bites. Here are some unique and interesting ways that you might […]

Interesting Things That Drive Away Mosquitoes

Published on August 9, 2013 By ardentadmin

It is mosquito season once again and people may be expecting the insects to have a go at biting them. The heat of summer is bringing out the mosquitoes in droves. Insect bites become more common during this time. But the problem is that mosquitoes also become carriers of certain diseases, which can be passed […]