West Nile Virus Preventive Measures

As the summer months are fast approaching, the incidence of mosquito borne diseases such as the West Nile virus might again be on the rise. Although the threat of the West Nile virus may have died down a bit after the scare that it brought sometime during 2000 to 2003, people are in no way safe yet from being threatened by the virus. Certain parts of the US have again showed signs of the virus as indicated by some researchers still trying to keep track of the West Nile virus threat.

The West Nile virus especially causes encephalitis which can be relatively uncommon in humans. Some forms of encephalitis may not have any adverse effects on humans that some might be even be unaware of it. But there are certain types of encephalitis caused by strains of the West Nile virus that can cause seizures, dementia, memory loss and even death.

The best way that people can combat the threat of the West Nile virus is by following precautionary measures as advised by the Centers of Disease Control or CDC. Precautionary measures include seeking ways in order to eliminate mosquito breding grounds to help limit the mosquito population.

For residents in a certain mosquito prone area, eliminating areas with stagnant water around the home can help a lot. Stagnant water found in the garage, gardens or backyards of residents can easily become mosquito breeding grounds. Making sure that damp areas prone to standing water is cleaned and removed can help lessen the threat of mosquito borne diseases if done as a collective effort.

Other means of curbing the threat of the West Nile virus as well as other diseases caused by mosquitoes is by using mosquito repellents especially when going out of doors. One of the most effective repellents in the market is DEET and is also considered safe to use and provide long lasting protection against mosquitoes.

DEET can be safely sprayed or applied to the skin as well as on clothing to provide long lasting protection against mosquito bites. Kids should be given some focus since they might find themselves usually outdoors. Aside from using mosquito repellents parents should opt using long sleeved shirts or pants for their kids when they try to go out to provide some additional protection.

Occasional spraying of certain areas around the home with insecticides can also help limit the threat of mosquitoes. Home interiors can be made mosquito free by placing wire screens on windows and doors to keep the mosquitoes out. It is also important to learn more about the West Nile virus so that people may be able to know if someone in their family or circle of friends is affected and in order to prevent its further spread.

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