Possible Human Cases of West Nile Virus Reported in Texas

Public health authorities in Plano, Texas, have reported that two local people may have contracted the West Nile Virus. The cases occurred in the areas covered by zip codes 75074 and 75075.

According to Geoffrey Heinecke, the city’s environmental health manager, further tests need to be performed to confirm the presence of the disease. The probable cases were brought to the attention of the Collin County Health Department by the doctors treating the patients.

People get West Nile Virus through bites from mosquitoes carrying the virus, which have been spotted in Plano since mid-June. City workers have been working to reduce Plano’s mosquito population.

Heinicke advises the city’s residents to do their part in preventing the spread of mosquitoes. “People need to get rid of standing water. We are also identifying other habitats that are conducive to mosquito breeding. We are getting into some of the creeks that have low flow and stagnant water and removing foliage and other things that are impeding the flow.”

The City of Plano has set up a hotline–972-941-7180–to answer questions residents have about the disease.

Source: Star Local News

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