Worst of West Nile Season Ahead

Summer may be gone and fall has already arrived, but according to health officials the worst of West Nile season is not yet over.

Kane County Health Department officials pointed out this week that since the disease sprang up in 2002, the biggest number of cases occurred between August 15 and October 15. According to the information the County Board Public Health Committee saw this week, around 33-46 human illness cases diagnosed in county since 2002 have taken place between those dates.

Claire Dobbins of the Health Department says "So this is not the time to let our guard down. The next three months is really the big part of our program."

Officials still urge the community continue preventive measures to decrease mosquito breeding hiding places. Regularly clean areas where water can accumulate and stagnate. Stagnant water can accumulate inside flower pots, garbage can lids, grill covers, children’s toys, buckets, old tires, clogged gutters, spouts. All of these can be a breeding places for mosquitoes.

County Health Department also recommends people to continue personal precautions to avoid mosquitoes. Do not go outdoors between dawn and dusk – this is the time when mosquitoes are most active. Apply repellent that has DEET, picaridin or oil lemon eucalyptus when outdoors. Repair screens regularly.

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