Mosquitoes Control for Your Home

Mosquitoes have continued to be a threat to humans because they are active carriers of organisms that cause certain diseases such as the West Nile Fever, malaria, dengue etc. A bite from an infected mosquito can easily pass a virus or other organisms that can cause disease. Fighting and keeping the mosquito threat under control has been a continuous battle to try to keep the home safe.

One of the best ways of keeping the mosquito threat under control is by not making the surroundings in the home a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes thrive in damp areas with a lot of standing water can easily become breeding grounds for the insects larva. The backyard can be a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes

It is important for homeowners to check any areas where near the home where standing water may usually collect. Ponds and birdbaths become potential mosquito breeding grounds if they collect standing water for weeks. Garbage cans left opened also becomes a possible mosquito breeding ground. It is better to keep such containers upside down or well covered when not being used.

Pets in the home, especially dogs may also become a threat to mosquitoes Dogs and cats bitten by mosquitoes can be infected but does not necessarily become ill. Pets do not usually spread the mosquito borne diseases to humans but they can also infect other mosquitoes and therefore help in spreading disease. It would be better if you try to keep pets inside the home to prevent them from being bitten by mosquitoes.

Making use of pesticides to kill mosquitoes around the home may also work to effectively get rid or lessen the threat of mosquitoes. Using mosquito repellents when going outdoors may also help prevent you from getting bitten especially during the time from dusk until dawn.

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