Louisiana Student Dies, West Nile Virus To Blame

A family in West Monroe, Louisiana, remains in mourning after their child Charly Pratt died over the weekend. Pratt was a fourth grader at Riverbend Elementary.

Early reports say Pratt’s death was caused by West Nile virus, but his relatives insist the mosquito-borne disease was not to blame. Investigation to find out his cause of death continues.

The State of Louisiana has reported one of its highest incidents of West Nile infection in years. According to Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, there are 39 new cases of West Nile, bringing the state’s total too 215 as of this posting. People in areas with high cases of the illness try to stay indoors to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes and become prone to the virus.

Some residents even believe in certain hypotheses that mosquitoes are attracted to certain people, that they give off secretions that mosquitoes get attracted to. The fact is anyone can be infected with West Nile virus, but not everybody would get terribly sick because of it.

Source: KNOE-TV


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