West Nile Epidemic Causes Unwanted Paranoia, Fear Among Americans

The alarming increase of West Nile virus cases this year in the US has led to quite a number of responses. The record number of West Nile virus cases has prompted many states to announce a state of emergency as well as conduct measures to help curb down the threat as well as help bring down the mosquito population. But the recent reports in the media regarding the increase in West Nile virus cases has also led to some unnecessary responses from many people.

According to a report on CBS 11 News in Dallas, many people in the area have been straining the emergency response system by making those emergency calls trying to express fears of being bitten by a mosquito. Many people have been led to believe that a mosquito bite would get them the West Nile virus. It seems that the announcements and reports of the said epidemic have many people going into a fearful frenzy, bordering into paranoia.

According to MedStar Emergency Medical Services Public Affairs Director Matt Zavadsky, “We understand people’s concerns regarding the West Nile virus, but in the absence of any symptoms … a simple mosquito bite is really not a reason for someone to call 911.” He further added that having to address emergencies by sending ambulances just to check out mosquito bites will make these resources highly limited to address more legitimate emergencies such as car accidents and other life threatening situations.

The cause of concern is how news and the actual condition of the West Nile virus epidemic are being spread. The media may be putting the situation seemingly out of proportion, causing people to over react. While the news regarding the West Nile virus cases reaching record numbers this year by the CDC may be true and the media trying to repeat such reports by sensationalizing them, things can easily get out of hand. But while the West Nile virus may have the highest cases of infections and deaths reported this year than in any other year, the west Nile Virus may not be as highly infectious and fatal as most would expect. Those who may be seriously affected by the west Nile virus is still extremely low when taking into account the number of reported cases. The chances of an infection developing into a life-threatening condition and complications are still considered zero percent. It is the paranoia that the reports from the media as well as the CDC that seems to have further worsened the situation.

Source: Natural News

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