Combating West Nile Virus

The best way to avoid getting infected with the West Nile virus is by avoiding coming into contact with its carriers- the mosquitoes. Although this cannot be avoided most of the time especially when you find yourself out of doors, there are many things available that may help protect yourself from getting bitten by these upsetting insects and avoid getting the West Nile virus.

One of the most effective weapons against the West Nile virus carriers is the mosquito repellent. The most effective mosquito repellent available is made with the chemical commonly known as DEET. Repellents have proven to be effective in keeping the mosquitoes away. A mosquito repellent containing 30 percent or less DEET is considered safe for use. It can be safely applied in the skin without experiencing allergic reactions with less concentrated repellents recommended for child use.

Gadgets more commonly known as zappers can also be effectively used to kill mosquitoes, especially inside and even outside of your home. This device is made up of a lamp equipped with a bulb that emits ultraviolet light and an electrified wire grid surrounding it. The ultraviolet light attracts the mosquitoes which led them to contact with the electrified wire grid that "zaps" of kills the mosquitoes.

Handy ultrasonic devices may also help in driving the mosquitoes away. Such devices are usually handheld, worn on the wrist or clipped on a keychain. These devices emit a noise that seems to repel the mosquitoes away. But sometimes the noise may also be a distraction for some people so the decision of using such devices depends on how serious the mosquito problem can be and how comfortable you can find yourself using such a device.

The use of pesticides all around your home environment may also help keep your mosquito problem at bay. This is especially useful for controlling the spread of mosquitoes around the vicinity of your home. You can use effective pesticides to spray around your home, particularly the garden area as well as the garage or basement where mosquitoes are known to frequent.

You can also use these pesticides to keep the mosquitoes away when you are planning an outdoor gathering in your home. You can spray the pesticides around the gathering area a day before to make sure that you keep the mosquitoes away temporarily. Such pesticides can be applied using a manual spray or through a special sprinkler system that can be used several times daily. You can also leave it to the experts to spray the pesticides in your home to make sure that every nook and cranny can me made mosquito free.

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