Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito or insect repellents can be used as an effective weapon in the fight to reduce the threat of the West Nile virus on humans. Insect repellents are formulated substances that can be applied to the skin, clothing or other surfaces in order to discourage insects, mainly mosquitoes from coming into contact with such surfaces.

The most common form of mosquito or insect repellent being used today comes in the form of topical lotions although there are also certain products that make use of high frequency sound to repel insects.

By using a mosquito repellent, a person may be able to reduce the risk of contracting the West Nile virus from mosquito bites. Mosquito repellents are especially useful for those people who are at an increased risk of getting the West Nile virus- people who find themselves outdoors all of the time. By using a mosquito repellent while going outdoors, a person can effectively lower the risk of being infected by the West Nile virus as well as by other mosquito-borne diseases.

With a wide variety of mosquito repellents available, people should know which ones are effective in keeping mosquitoes off. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has so far found two types of mosquito repellents known to be effective in providing long term protection for its users. These are mosquito repellents which contain either the active ingredient DEET or Picaridin. Oil of lemon eucalyptus is also known to provide considerable protection against mosquitoes as a plant based repellant.

These types of mosquito repellents are safe and approved for use when applied to the skin. For protecting clothing, shoes and other equipment from mosquitoes, the EPA suggests using repellents containing permethrin. Not only is it effective for its mosquito repelling properties, permethrin is also effective as an insecticide. It has long lasting effects even after repeated washing of the gears it was applied on.

When looking for an effective mosquito repellent, you should also consider the amount of time that you spend outdoors where mosquitoes go freely. This will help you look for the right type of mosquito repellent that you can use. If you are the type that spends a lot of time outdoors especially in areas where mosquito bites are common, try to use a repellent that contains more than 20 percent DEET. Other repellents that offer a higher percentage of DEET concentration may just be as effective and doesn’t offer additional benefits.

If you just spend time outdoors in short periods, a mosquito repellent containing less than 20 percent DEET may be able to provide you with adequate protection. Other repellents containing seven percent picaridin may also be as effective.

Another option for you will be using repellents containing oil of lemon eucalyptus. Try to apply your chosen mosquito repellent on your skin even if you just want to go out for a few minutes. A couple of minutes outside may be enough to get you bitten and possibly be infected by the West Nile Virus. It is always wise to be safe than to be sorry.

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